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Fleet & Personal GPS Tracking

Advanced vehicle and fleet tracking solutions involve not only effective GPS devices that collect the “where” and “when” of your vehicles, but effective web-based vehicle tracking software that gathers the data all in one place.

Our system is fully developed and managed in-house. Unlike majority of our competition, We do not outsource. For you as a customer, this means greater data security, higher quality of service and greater improvements.

  • Track vehicle locations on a map
  • Vehicle detail reports
  • Messaging & voice calls

Track your loved ones for safety, security and piece of mind. From new drivers to the elderly, our small personal GPS trackers will play a vital role in your everyday life.

GPS Tracker Packages

Economy Pro Ultimate
Pricing Per User
Monthly $25.00 $35.00 $85.00
Billing term (months) 3 3 3
Setup fee Free Free Free
Installation fee Contact us for Quotation
Volume Discount Contact us for Quotation
Customer Support
24 hour technical support (email)
Telephone support
Stop & Go
Live Tracking
Trip Routes
Speed Monitoring
Map View
Satellite View
Terrain View
Street View
Dispatch SMS Send & Receive
Geo Fencing
Email Alerts
Temperature Sensing
Fuel Level Sensing
RFID Support
Live Camera Imaging
Live 2-way Audio
Anti-Theft Integration
Cross-Border (US & Canada)
Suspend up to 4 months
Additional accessories will be required for select features above
Add anti-theft functionality for an additional $5 per month
Upgrade to US & Canada service for an additional $10 per month
Suspend your existing service once every 12 months for a maximum period of 4 months. The cost for this service is $10 per month. Certain restrictions apply.
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